Logo Quiz

Logoquiz app like never seen before. This is an in-house developed application and is a fun game about guessing the logos of different companies. We hear about number of companies every day, everywhere in our daily life like watching the Television, Listening to the radio, walking on the streets, reading magazines, etc. We have developed this application to challenge yourself and see how many you can answer with your knowledge. To answer all of them, we have provided some hints to make you succeed.

How is this different from others?

  • We have provided multiple users to play their own game by registering their name. Currently, in this version, a maximum of 5 users can register and can play their own individual game and compare the scores with others.
  • You can identify easily how many logos you have answered correctly with the help of coins in your Scores/Statistics screen. We have differentiated perfect answers without using any hints as Gold coins, correct answers using 1 hint as Silver coins and if you use more than 1 hint, you will be rewarded as Bronze coin.
  • Another interesting feature is about Category, Country selection. We have designed the application in such a way that, you can get to know different country related companies in our one simple application, by changing the country selection on initial screen before you start the game. Currently, we just support country "India". But, don't worry friends, please get ready for other countries as well in the near future in our upcoming releases.

All logos shown or represented in this game are copyright and trademark of their respective corporations.