ABC Alphabets Kids

Learning Alphabets like A for Apple, B for Ball has become a tradition for all of us from our childhood. "ABC Alphabets Time" application is designed to educate Children across the world to learn Alphabets in similar fashion, but by taking it to a next step in a fun way.

This application helps to teach Alphabets to the Kids with different categories like Birds, Flowers, Fruits, Animals. Learning the same Alphabets in multiple ways will not make Kids bored at all and will help the parents to buy Fruits Chart, Birds Chart, etc posted on their wall.

Solweaver has gone one step ahead to make the application interactive with Kids by providing face detection for Kids taking Animals as a sample category. As soon as the Kid start entering into Animals section, you will see Camera on the left half, where the Mask will be shown onto Kids face for the selected alphabet in the bottom. It also makes the Kids to be interactive by moving their head. In addition, sounds are provided for each Alphabet in each category, which helps children to learn the pronunciation.